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Birdview PSA: Portfolio, Project and Resource Management Software

Birdview - Projects and Resource Management Software

Client: Birdview PSA

Birdview PSA is a portfolio, resource and project management platform. It offers clients a single source of truth for projects, resources and finances. Birdview’s core function is to provide a consistent and centralized overview throughout the entire project delivery lifecycle. By doing so, it aids in making informed decisions based on data, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring synchronized actions during crucial transition points.

Functionally, Birdview PSA offers include:

  • Detailed project management features to track and manage tasks, milestones, and deliverables.
  • Resource optimization tools to allocate and adjust resources efficiently.
  • Project accounting capabilities for accurate budgeting, tracking, and financial reporting.
  • Monitoring tools designed for both specific project assessments and broader portfolio evaluations.
  • A standout feature of Birdview PSA is its user-centric design, which ensures ease of use. – Additionally, its adaptability allows for smooth integration with existing CRMs, ERPs, and a wide array of other applications, minimizing transition hurdles and optimizing existing workflows.

Technologies Used: Azure, ASP.NET, SQL Server

Domum Link

Domum Link is a Cloud-based application designed to serve as a portal shared between property managers and tenants and as a building management tool.

Tenants can use it to view building information, report issues they are experiencing, pay their rent, and communicate with building management when a problem needs to be resolved.

Property managers can use it to run reports, view trends, and monitor rental payments and overall building performance.


  • Notification by email, SMS, and voice call
  • Online payments
  • Automated monthly building management reports
  • Viewable building management trends
  • Issue tracking
  • Physical mail delivery
  • Tenant management

Technologies Used: Azure, ASP.NET, SQL Server

Domum Link - Property Management Software
Health Instruments​ Monitoring and Submission System

Monitoring and Submission Automation System for Structural Health Instruments

This web-based application allows a client to automate submission, data processing and monitoring for various types of geotechnical and structural health measurement instruments (Strain, Load, Pressure sensors, Inclinometers, Vibration Wire Piezometers, Tilt Meters, Crack Gauges, Surface Monitoring Points, etc).

As a result of the product implementation our customer experienced a dramatic improvement in the accuracy of the data entry, virtually eliminated submission errors and drastically decreased their labor costs.


  • Support for MPBX, VPZ, SPZ, VST, LCE, Inclinometers, SMP, BMP, GMP, UMP and other instruments
  • Instruments Input Data verification
  • Critical and Warning thresholds with automated email alerts
  • Reporting engine
  • Export to PDF and Excel

Technologies Used: ASP.NET, SQL Server

Paula Oliveira

OHL-FCC Limited Partnership. Toronto York Spadina Subway Extension.

“Logic Software has collaborated with OHL FCC JV developing an application to manage and distribute monitoring data for the entire project.

Logic has been working with us for several months to improve and optimize our geotechnical and monitoring data transmission to our client TTC (Toronto Transit Comission).

Logic Software’s implementation improved our team work. Now we don’t need to worry about examining every single data, and it allowed us to focus more on the geotechnical interpretation of the monitoring data.

Logic Software was always open to changes to the initial scope of work. It was cooperative and proactive in finding and implementing the best solutions for our problems.

I’m personally pleased to work with your company and satisfied with the final result. Looking forward to new projects.”

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