Top 10 reasons to purchase Easy Projects

  1. Easy Projects is a web-based application that can be accessed anytime from any Internet-connected computer in any part of the globe. Regardless of where your team members work whether at home or at the office they can still collaborate effectively.
  2. Easy Projects has all major tools needed for the efficient software project management: Hierarchical Projects and Tasks, Bug tracking, Customer Request Management, Time Control, Message Boards and File Sharing capabilities.
  3. Easy Projects has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, thus providing you with ability to start using Easy Projects right away. It allows you to save a lot of valuable time and money, because our product requires almost none training or adaptation time for the staff.
  4. Easy Projects allows to increase customer’s satisfaction and decrease team response time by automating most of routine micro-management tasks like task assignment, time entries verification, invoice preparation, etc…
  5. Easy Projects is easily customizable and expandable. Using the Source Code edition, you can quickly modify Easy Projects to meet your requirements or integrate it with the existing applications.
  6. Easy Projects can fit well into almost any company budget because of its flexible licensing model. Easy Projects will grow with your company growth. Volume discounts and special offers make Easy Projects a great deal for large corporations, non-profit & educational organizations and companies switching from other project management tools (commercial or internal).
  7. Easy Projects is built upon Microsoft TimeTracker application and uses the best programming practices.
  8. Easy Projects is constantly updated based on your feedback, that is suggestions and requests from our users.
  9. Easy Projects Source Code edition gives you a peace of mind. You have a full control over the product and should not worry about any FORCE MAJEURE.
  10. Easy Projects has a 30-day complete Money Back Guarantee. No risk involved.