Task, Issue Tracking & Project Management Features

Multi-nesting (hierarchical) Projects and Tasks

Our system provides for unlimited projects & tasks with as many sub-levels of hierarchy as you need. You can track large tasks by splitting them into small ones, assign deadlines and team members, specify estimated durations and activity categories. Be effective – eat the elephant bite by byte!

Fully Customizable User Permissions

Easy Projects uses a multi-level permissions system based on the user’s role in a project. Each role has different access rights and can work only with the objects available to them. In addition, each role can be restricted to certain actions such as deleting the project or task, submitting a new request, assigning resources, etc…

Detailed Project Statistics & Reports

Easy Projects has a special Reports section. It provides you with set of ready-to-use reports showing all aspects of the project development process at a glance. You can view a summary for all projects, resource workloads, team member timesheets, estimated time vs. actual time and issue and request statistics. Flexible filters make it easy for you to see only the information relevant to you at that particular moment. In addition, since the Microsoft SQL Server is used as a database, you will be able to create custom reports using any 3rd-party report engine such as Crystal Reports or Active Reports.

Employees/Contractors Timesheets

Do you want to know exactly how your project members spent their working time? Our easy-to-use timesheets will help you. Each team member will just select the project and task assigned to him, enter number of hours, specify the status of the task and voila! – you have all necessary data in real time.

Customizable and Expandable Source Code edition

User interfaces, including colors, graphics and text, can be customized according to your company policies and culture. Easy Projects is built on the Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft SQL Server. This means that it can be easily modified to meet your requirements or integrate into your existing system. If you need help creating add-on modules, the Easy Projects team will be happy to assist you.
Buy Easy Projects source code now and have full control over your application development.

E-mail Notifications & Alerts

This feature will keep your team members updated in real-time and provide excellent communication within a team. Each user will be able to receive an email when the task or project he is working on is changed or assigned to him.

Issue (Defect) Tracking

Easy Projects has a built-in Issue (Defect) tracking system. You can use it for your internal issues tracking or for client support. Once a defect is submitted, it will be automatically converted to a task and assigned to a member of the team responsible for the project. You will be able to track how many hours were spent on bug fixing and compare actual times versus estimated.

Customers Requests Tracking

Easy Projects allows you to keep track of all customer requests. Either a customer or a project manager can submit these requests. All hours spent on the tasks that are out of the original specification scope will be logged separately and this data can be linked to your billing system.

Message Forums

This is another useful tool that will facilitate project’s team collaboration. You will be able to attach a discussion board to each of your project tasks. You can have as many topics as you need. This feature will help your team to improve communications and keep track of all discussions.

File Attachments

Easy Projects allows attaching files to a project or a task. The files can include executables, source codes, documents, images, etc… Forget about searching through thousands of emails. Just open the project or task and see all relevant files.

Project management tools

State-of-the-art project management software has many tools to offer as you face your project management tasks. Below are a few facts about project management tools:

  1. Any good task management software ought to have a mechanism to give your team members assignments as your project splits into ever more smaller jobs, tasks or activities. Here’s a link to a task management software tool.
  2. Project Dashboard gives you instant overview of your project affairs, at any time. Overdue, delayed, or recent messages can be seen here at a glance. Advanced solutions use special method to calculate which of your projects are healthy and which are not as viewed on your project dashboard.
  3. Not so many project management software products available today offer Gantt charts, which is a way for you to effectively plan and follow up on the progress of various activities that take the project to its destination. Click the link to check out a Gantt chart software tool by Logic Software Inc., Toronto based software developers.
  4. A calendar is one thing a good project management software tool cannot do without. The calendar is the place to set a timetable for activities, or create group events, such as meetings of your team. Days-off, meetings, memorable events are just a few things that get into a project calendar. Project management calendar is as vital as time tracking or else you’d never know where you were, be it managing or planning your projects.
  5. 5. A question: Can you manage your project without being able to ensure your team has everything they need to collaborate effectively? Obvious as it is, the question leads to another one. Can a project management tool be a success if it has no means to help your team collaborate? Project collaboration is a pivotal section of Easy Projects, the ultimate project management solution. By removing hurdles from project collaboration it sets a nice framework to ensure great results of your team’s collective effort in getting your project to reach its goals.